Single engine passenger jet

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Program Director AN Viktor Kazurov kazurov antonov. The aircraft is equipped for both manual and automatic control including flights on preprogrammed route.

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Automatic approach according to the norms of I, II and IIIA option ICAO categories, horizontal and vertical navigation, take-off and landing by SID and STAR, automatic monitoring of systems during a flight and automated one on ground with sending information to the crew and technicians are provided.

D engines meet all the current ICAO standards on the ecology and noise level.

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In particular it is reached due to rational layout of service premises, ergonomic optimization of common and individual spaces of passenger cabin, use of modern seats, interior design and materials as well as low noise level.

The passenger compartment can be equipped with modern entertainment system. Hand single engine passenger jet, including suitcases meeting the IATA standards, can be accommodated on roomy over-head baggage shelves.

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The AN means comfort for passengers, sufficient economic advantages for operators, convenience for crew and ecologic safety for environment. Passenger compartment arrangement AN passenger compartment has the following layout versions: from seat two-class layout with pitch of 28'' in economy class, and 35'' in business class to seat single-class layout with pitch of 28''.

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